Self-Love Basecamp (Training Zone)

Everything you need along the Self-Love Journey. 
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Welcome Video from Deb
5 mins
Virtual Tour of Basecamp
11 mins
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Self-Love Basecamp Guidelines (Video & Written)
8 mins
Explaining the Mountain Metaphor
11 mins
Fireside Chat Archive
REPLAY Sensemaking Guided Adventure April 16th
(1h 58m 46s)
REPLAY Self-Love Goals and Awareness Q&A and Discussion
(1h 31m 27s)
Self Love Membership Overview, Purpose and Plans
29 mins
REPLAY Self-Love Basecamp Kickoff Call on 2/12/21
(1h 23m 46s)
Touch and Hugs Meditation Video
11 mins
Hugs and Touch Meditation Audio with Music
11 mins
Self Love Prayer with Music
6 mins
Self-Love Practices
When You Don't Feel Seen
6 mins
Ho'oponopono and Heart Salutations
20 mins
30-Second Tool When We Feel Stuck, Stressed or Overwhelmed
5 mins
Self-Inquiry Tools
Getting Clear on Your Values as a Family Workbook
5.69 MB
Training Audio Files, Videos and Workbooks
When it Comes to Self-Love, Let's Replace the Word Love with Include
12 mins
Self-Love is a Way of Being Not Another Thing to Do
8 mins
My Journey from Suffering to Freedom
60 mins
Understanding the Drama Triangle with Beth Rowles
42 mins
Everyone Gets Triggered So Let's Normalize Them
32 mins
An Intro to Nervous System Regulation
9 mins
Building Resilience in Times of Stress (3 Parts)
54 mins
Responses to Member Questions
How Do I Get Started With Healing My Wounded Inner Child?
6 mins
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Deb's YouTube Channel
The Parenting 3.0 Show: Raising Emotionally Health Kids
6 Key Practices to Unlock a Better Life
5.73 MB
Raising A Son Who Likes Himself
38.7 MB
BONUS: Raising Emotionally Healthy Kids Series
The Parenting 3.0 Website
Episode 1: Trailer
4 mins
Episode 2: A Brief History of Parenting
(1h 20m 22s)
Episode 3: Attachment Theory (1 of 3): From Role to Relationship
43 mins
Episode 4: Attachment Theory (2 of 3): How Is Attachment Formed?
52 mins
Forming Habits to Support Living True to Ourselves
Believe It or Not, You ARE An Expert at Habits!
6 mins
Start by Looking at the Bigger Plan You Have for Yourself
7 mins
Get Clear on the Specific Habit
8 mins
What's Possible if You Stick With This Habit?
5 mins
Habit 5 - Perils of Not Doing This.mp4
12 mins
Habits 6 - Perpetuation and
7 mins
Habits 7 - Patterns, Past and
11 mins
Habits 8 - Bite Sized Pieces and
8 mins
Habits 9 - Pride for What You
3 mins
Habits 10 - We Form Habits So We Can Squeeze the Most Out of
15 mins
Habits 11 -
6 mins
Habits 12 -
7 mins
WORKSHEET: Habits To Live Life True To Ourselves PDF
1.93 MB